VCStudio_2.1 [P5]

P5 = Partially Perforated Purple Polycarbonate Panel

This term originated as a joke between a former studio partner and myself during the final hours of production for a design semester. We came up with the name [and thought ourselves very clever] as we imagined the obnoxious call-out line on our sectional detail. Here, however, I want to use P5 as another pushing-off point for my TdMS investigation.

From what I have so far found it seems that pastics have made their way into contemporary construction almost exclusively in the most normative of applications. Compare:



Here neither option is overly exciting as neither does much to exploit its potential. I would argue that the patio chair in [A2] is even lower on the ingenuity scale as it does absolutely nothing previous models/materials could not. Yes it’s curvy, painfully pink, and cheap. But like P5 it doesn’t quite let its ‘active ingredient’ [plastic] shine through. It might as well be wood grain textured. Of course, there are many examples where both fab methods are taken rather far.



I will be the first to admit that Geenen’s chair pushes its medium for innovation’s sake and does not add much in the way of basic functionality. But valuable lessons can be extracted from this beautiful object when considering his design/fab methods at the scale of residential and larger construction.


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